Rendezvous West
Russell & Deborah Shamah
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10104 ~ Fenced In

10104 ~ Fenced In
Sculpted Leather
Aproximately 10" x 1"
$179.00 USDThrough Gallery

10104 ~ Fenced In by Deborah & Russell Shamah Sculpted Leather ~  x Aproximately 10"

Sculpted Cowhide * Eco-Friendly Dye & Protective Finish

A hand stamped roll of barbed-wire coils around the bowl. An uncanny likeness to the real thing Rendezvous West signature faux rusty barbed-wire is cleverly made out of leather and woven through the lip of the bowl.

Color: Brown


Artist: Russell Shamah

Inquiries: * 10 am - 5 PM MST Phone: 303-669-4126
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