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Russell & Deborah Shamah
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#51910 Bear Paw's

#51910 Bear Paw's
3" x 8 3/4"

#51910 Bear Paw's by Deborah & Russell Shamah  ~ 3" x 8 3/4"

US Fox Turquoise * Sterling Silver * Deerhide Leather * Priced as a Pair

Designed to be worn together this set of black deer leather cuffs has dark brown embroidered bear paws highlighted with sterling silver beads hand stitched one at a time. Perfect for the motorcycle rider who wants to make a statement. The thing that really makes this set special is the matching US Fox turquoise stones totaling 90 ct. These stones were not cut but simply tumbled. Three authentic US Indian Head Nickel buttons, all heads, close each cuff at the side of the arm making them visible from the side. Additionally the cuffs were designed to accommodate a larger forearm.

Artist: Deborah Shamah


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