Ranch & Reata, the Journal of the American West, Features Rendezvous West

It's an amazing thing to have a feature article published about Rendezvous West for such a prestigious magazine. Jayne Skeff, president of Design America Foundation, interviewed us and wrote the article. Ranch & Reata is a bimonthly e-journal chronicling the cowboy culture of the contemporary American West.

      Ms Skeff began the article with, "When most people hear the word 'rendezvous' they assume it to mean a final destination or meeting point. Well, Rendezvous West is a destination, just not a finite one. It's a meeting place without boundaries where leather and wood artist and sculptors Russell and Deborah Shamah invite you to experience the life and beauty of the American West and its magnificent complexion which they transform into art." In this paragraph Jayne completely summed up what Rendezvous West is about. She understood what we are striving to accomplish through our work.

     The American West is such a special place, you can't define it by one word, it's too faceted for that. The dream and root of its spirit is freedom; this is the same spirit we strive to capture in every piece we create.




To read the article in its entirety visit Ranch & Reata.

To find out more about the Design America Foundation.

"You can't step in the same river twice."

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