The Enjoyment In A Shopping Trip

A trip to Colorado Springs to one of our favorite suppliers of American hides and American made concho buttons. We got a late start so by the time we finished our shopping dusk was minutes away. Today you couldn't see Pikes Peak clearly because of the haze in the sky due to the temperature inversion, still its enormous form loomed above. Usually I make these trips by myself with our dogs Micah and Willow keeping me company however, today Russell was able to come along which was a real treat for me.  Heading down I-25 the sun had dipped behind the mountains, the sky filled with hues of pink and lavender which spilled over on the snow below.  A definite winter sunset only the first day of winter is still two weeks away! 

I always enjoy these shopping trips. As I hunt through bundles of hides searching for the perfect hides I somehow feel like a modern-day rendezvous is underway. Conversation with the shop owner, laughing at his comment, "I'm looking forward to spring!" Russell bantering back, "But it's still fall". They continue on with their conversation in the background as I get down to business, looking at each hide I picture what I can create. The shop with it's wood interior, the smell of leather, and today the warmth from the heater make me want to linger but I know I need to get to the business at hand. Will the natural edge lay beautifully around the hips? What kind of embroidery can I work into the design accentuating the natural marks on the hide? It's all thought-out in moments as I become more and more excited to get back to our studio to begin work.  Sometimes I leave disappointed because the supply of hides isn't want I expected but this was not the case today. Beautiful black deer, smoke elk, an assortment of newly designed German Silver concho buttons soon to be transformed into amazing new belts and leather wraps. 

Sometimes the most simple things in life can be the grandest!

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