Western Art & Architecture Features Russell Shamah's Turned Wood Vessels


Russell Shamah of Rendezvous West beautiful turned wood vessels were featured in Western Art & Architecture, October/November 2012 issue. Russell said, “Western Art & Architecture is a world class publication and to have my work featured was incredible.” He went on to thank all those involved in making the decision to feature his work.









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Rendezvous West Receives Blue Ribbon for Best Fine Crafts

It was a wonderful weekend at beautiful Winter Park, Colorado for artists Russell & Deborah Shamah of Rendezvous West. They showed their work at The Alpine ArtAffair, along with a having a successful show they won the Blue Ribbon for Best Fine Crafts. "There were so many truly talented craftsmen and artists at the show. We were honored to receive this recognition."

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Two New Bracelets Completed for Colorado Indian Market

Hand carved cowhide lined in deer with USA stones and sterling silver.

Both pieces were just completed and will be available at the Colorado

Indian Market, January 20- 22, 2012. We'll reimburse your

show admission $12 when you spend $100 with Rendezvous West!

Booth #522

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The Enjoyment In A Shopping Trip

A trip to Colorado Springs to one of our favorite suppliers of American hides and American made concho buttons. We got a late start so by the time we finished our shopping dusk was minutes away. Today you couldn't see Pikes Peak clearly because of the haze in the sky due to the temperature inversion, still its enormous form loomed above. Usually I make these trips by myself with our dogs Micah and Willow keeping me company however, today Russell was able to come along which was a real treat for me.  Heading down I-25 the sun had dipped behind the mountains, the sky filled with hues of pink and lavender which spilled over on the snow below.  A definite winter sunset only the first day of winter is still two weeks away! 

I always enjoy these shopping trips. As I hunt through bundles of hides searching for the perfect hides I somehow feel like a modern-day rendezvous is underway. Conversation with the shop owner, laughing at his comment, "I'm looking forward to spring!" Russell bantering back, "But it's still fall". They continue on with their conversation in the background as I get down to business, looking at each hide I picture what I can create. The shop with it's wood interior, the smell of leather, and today the warmth from the heater make me want to linger but I know I need to get to the business at hand. Will the natural edge lay beautifully around the hips? What kind of embroidery can I work into the design accentuating the natural marks on the hide? It's all thought-out in moments as I become more and more excited to get back to our studio to begin work.  Sometimes I leave disappointed because the supply of hides isn't want I expected but this was not the case today. Beautiful black deer, smoke elk, an assortment of newly designed German Silver concho buttons soon to be transformed into amazing new belts and leather wraps. 

Sometimes the most simple things in life can be the grandest!

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"Spirit Story" by Deborah Shamah Will be Available at Estes Park 2011 Elk Fest

Deborah Shamah of Rendezvous West will have her original pyrography on goat skin for purchase at the 2011 Estes Park Elk Fest in Bond Park in beautiful Estes Park, CO on October 1 - 2. You can meet Deborah & Russell Shamah in Booth #80.

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Ranch & Reata, the Journal of the American West, Features Rendezvous West

It's an amazing thing to have a feature article published about Rendezvous West for such a prestigious magazine. Jayne Skeff, president of Design America Foundation, interviewed us and wrote the article. Ranch & Reata is a bimonthly e-journal chronicling the cowboy culture of the contemporary American West.

      Ms Skeff began the article with, "When most people hear the word 'rendezvous' they assume it to mean a final destination or meeting point. Well, Rendezvous West is a destination, just not a finite one. It's a meeting place without boundaries where leather and wood artist and sculptors Russell and Deborah Shamah invite you to experience the life and beauty of the American West and its magnificent complexion which they transform into art." In this paragraph Jayne completely summed up what Rendezvous West is about. She understood what we are striving to accomplish through our work.

     The American West is such a special place, you can't define it by one word, it's too faceted for that. The dream and root of its spirit is freedom; this is the same spirit we strive to capture in every piece we create.




To read the article in its entirety visit Ranch & Reata.

To find out more about the Design America Foundation.

"You can't step in the same river twice."

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Welcome 2011

Oh my goodness, the excitement of a new year. Planning, setting goals, new projects and designs all this gets my blood pumping. We are almost done with the end of the year tasks then we can really concentrate on all that 2011 has to offer.

We are really excited with the new designs we'll have to offer. You will see more inlay in Russell's wood turnings. We are also collaborating on some of the wood turnings and are incorporating my leather working skills and other natural elements into some really dynamic pieces.

For the sculpted leather pieces I have some large detailed pieces we will unveil at Design America - Texas which I am very excited about.

We've had a little delay in getting our giclee and prints together of my pyrographed wall art. However we are working towards being able to offer these as an alternative to the originals.

I don't want to give too much way about the leather jewelry. Let me just say this, the designs are going to blow you away. Also watch for the newest addition to our line, leather belts.

Well I hope I've peaked your interest for the new designs we will have to offer you this year. Be the first to see some of our new work; our first show will be the 30th Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase, January 21-23 at the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Russell and I also want to thank you for all the success you brought to us in 2010. It is always a very humbling experience for us as artists when someone chooses one of our pieces of artwork. When we see a person connect with a piece we've created well, it's a feeling we never tire of. Thank you again for choosing to Rendezvous with us. We wish all of you a very happy 2011!

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Turned Wood Vessels Blogged on Maverick Style

What a nice surprise when Christin Miller with Maverick Style contacted me to blog about my turned wood vessels. Thanks Christin! It is always an affirmation when someone sees the heart and soul that goes into creating. It gets the creative juices flowing. We've been on the road doing shows for the last several weeks, now it time to get back in the shop. My chisels are begging to be put to a piece of wood. Plus I have some exciting pieces of wood we've been collecting! Expect to see more turned wood pieces on the website in the coming weeks.

Go to Maverick Style to read the blog.

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Estes Park & Art

Simply Aspen ~ leather vessel

We're down to the wire getting ready for the Fine Arts Guild 36th Annual Fine Arts Festival this weekend. What a fantastic time to be heading for Estes Park, CO the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Elk viewing should be good in the valley. The aspen leaves are beginning to display their brilliant autumn colors; shades of yellow and sometimes red. I call it Colorado gold. This is one of my favorite times of year. The sun is warm but the air is brisk. It makes you want to pull out your favorite sweater but its a little too hot still. What could be more perfect; viewing gorgeous art in a beautiful setting.

If you want more information on the Festival go to our Events page. Hope to see you there!

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