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Deborah & Russell Shamah

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 Words like "unusual" and "earthy but refined" are often used to describe  the artistic designs created in sterling, leather, and wood by Deborah and Russell Shamah. The  Shamah's wood vessels, fine leather jewelry, supple leather belts, sculpted leather vessels, and  pyrographed drawings capture the energy and experience of the Rocky Mountain West, both  past and present. "We want to take you on a journey of exploration, experiencing the West in a  way you may have never considered." 

 Deborah was inspired and encouraged at an early age by the artistic influence of her  parents, both were artists. During her creative journey she has worked in many other   mediums.  She has brought the techniques learned while working in these mediums to her  leather creations.  She was drawn to the raw beauty found in leather. Deborah has the ability to  stretch and build  on the beauty she already sees, to create a piece where the natural elements    of her medium are  explored and enhanced. "What I love about leather is that one may think it's fragile or can't hold up to the test of time, but it's very strong and resilient. The more you touch it, the more beautiful it becomes." A second-generation Colorado native, Deborah learned a respect for and appreciation of the wonders found only in the Rocky Mountain West. It's through her ability to see the Creator in all of nature and to embrace the spirit of those who share in her respect and appreciation of the West that Deborah finds her inspiration. 

Russell started his artistic exploration in High School, working with wood in Shop Class. The only tool not available was a wood lathe so he carved wood vessels by hand. Always pushing the envelope of common to unusual and highly creative, Russell's sense of boundaries are limitless. While in Commercial Art classes he immersed himself in exploring as many different mediums as were available. A few years ago Russell undertook leather sculpting, a forgotten medium and was soon creating breathtaking art. Continuing with leather, he took a change in direction to explore woodturning. He found working with wood provided amazing options and variety. It is a medium that stimulates his imagination to create exquisite pieces. Russell uses mostly woods that he finds in Colorado, all of it from dead or dying trees. This wood, that would either be incinerated or left to decay, is turned into art and treasure. His only regret is the limit of time on his desire to create.


Russell and Deborah Shamah's work evolved into what they are sharing with you today, award-winning art under their own label Rendezvous West. The art of Deborah and Russell are celebrations of the West. Through their unique and inspiring works of art, they bring a part of the Rocky Mountain West to the homes and lives of collectors from all parts of the world.